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[ 22/04/2009, 14:27 WIB ]
Sragen Regent signs MOU with YPAI

SRAGEN – Sragen Regent Untung Wiyono, on Monday signed M.O.U (Memorandum of Understanding) with the chairman of Indonesian Children Education Foundation (YPAI) Bambang Suyanto, in Sragen regent office. The MOU is a partnership between Sragen government and YPAI in developing Education, particularly for early age children in Sragen Regency.

Drs. Giyadi, the secretary of Education Departments of Sragen said that this mou is arranged to accelerate and widen opportunities for early age children in Sragen to receive reading learning by biMBA – AIUEO (Children learning guidance AIUEO) method which based on fun learning, small step system and individual system of learning process.

“The realization of this M.O.U is YPAI will give training by using biMBA –AIUEO method to kindergarten and playgroup teacher of Sragen Regency” Explained Giyadi. BimBA – AIUEO method is a teaching, guidance and training method aiming at developing children reading and learning habit intrinsically.

BiMBA – AIUEO curriculum consists of cognitive, affective, psychomotor programs and modules which given at some stages according to children competency in order to develop their reading and learning habit. The method is the combination of fun learning, individual and small step system. Moreover, it also mix children interest and skill by using the variation of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects in persuasive and individual way.

He added that in the first stage, there will be 40 kindergarten and playgroup teachers. The other kindergarten and playgroup teachers interested in this program can register and follow the selection process in prior.

Related governmental departments also attended the signing process, they are the Head of Education Department of Sragen, Drs. Gatot Supadi, MBA, MM, the Secretary and the division heads of Sragen Education Departments. (N. Hart – Humas translated by dyh/ryn)


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