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[ 12/05/2009, 11:37 WIB ]
Three years old Children Able to Read in 72 Hour

SRAGEN – Dozens of parents along with their children participated in the opening of Try Out Program of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) with biMBA method (bimbingan MINAT Baca dan Belajar Anak) AIUEO in the Hall of Pembina Kindergarten Sragen on Monday (11/5). The occasion was attended by the III assistant of Regional Secretary Dr. Ruwiyatmo, MM with The Chief of YPAI (The Indonesian Children Development Foundation) Bambang Suyanto.The chief of YPAI explained that biMBA AIUEO is a kind of method developed by the foundation to guide the children to grow their reading habit and learning independently.  The background of the development of this method is owing to the lowest reading ability of Indonesian among nations in East Asia based on World Bank Research and Study International Association for the Education Achievement.
The characteristics of biMBA-AIUEO are it can develop the reading interest and reading ability along with learning interest and child’s competence in extraordinary way. Even, this method can give BCA guarantee – 372 free namely Able to Read in 72 hours for 3 years old children in a class even though without any help in house / Free..

The guidance with motto ” with full affection, let’s develop children reading and learning interest since early in childhood. This motto focuses on the improvement of children interest to read not on the obligatory to learn reading. Focus on this interest is because the interest will grow to habit and affect to reading ability. So, the children will not be pushed to learn, they are guided to posses reading interest through pleasurably process.

biMBA AIUEO employs three process of learning namely Fun Learning where the studying process is executed in fun way, that is while learning. The second one is Small Step System, all activities consist of  pieces of continues little theme, so that the children will easily follow the activity while learning

The last process is Individual System namely the learning process center on the children thus children will be a “subject” to play while learning not just an “object”. One class consists of 5 children maximally that will be guided three times a week , each meeting is for one hour.
“Program bimbingan ini terdiri dari 4 level yaitu level 1, mulai dari nol sampai dengan baca kata sederhana. Level 2 sampai dengan membaca cerita pendek. Level 3 sampai dengan menulis kata kata sederhana dan level 4 sampai dengan membuat karangan pendek.”, kata Bambang Suyanto.

” the guiding process comprise with 4 level  that is Level 1, starts from zero until Reading simple words. Level 2 till the ability to read short story. Level 3 till writing with simple words an level 4 till making a short composition.”, said Bambang Suyanto

The course with branches throughout Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Depok, Bekasi, Semarang and Bali gives lots of benefits to the children and parents.  The effects to children are the increase of confident,  inquisitive , analysis, concentration, thinking ability, basic learning skill as well as basic speaking, reading and writing skills.

While, the benefits to the parents are the easiness in directing the students, the harmonies with children grows, the laziness will be overcome. Basically this method in the long run will bring lots of economics benefit to the family. (dyn translated by ryn)



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